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We have been associated with the education industry for over three decades. We know educational institutes inside-out and thoroughly evaluate their curriculum to help you make the right choice.

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Finding a career counseling that aligns with your personality and interesting while also promising financial security is challenging. Switching fields mid-career is not impossible but comes with tremendous financial and social challenges. Dr. College Coach ensures that it doesn’t come to that by discovering the right fit career for you. We don’t just buy your opinion of what you want for your career. Instead, we get to know you better and analyze your financial expectations from your career before recommending.

We have helped hundreds of students make sound career choices, so some years down the line, you don’t look back and wish things were different.

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We are trusted by hundreds of students and parents for helping them make the right career choices.

Choosing a college for my son became a nightmare because he was obsessed with certain colleges. Thanks to Dr. College Coach for introducing us to other options that hadn’t considered earlier.

Teressa Hugh Mother

I wanted to get into one of the top five colleges on;y to find out their tuition and fees were more than we could afford.Dr. College Coach helped me find affordable and excellent colleges, and I am forever grateful

Alexa Blaze Student

I am so glad I saved my parents and myself from life-long debt by choosing a college strategy that fits my budget and can maximize my earning potential.

Chris Blake Student

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